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[Sharing] Gamification: The Challenge of Challenge of Rules by Pete Cape, SSI

We all know the opportunities that Gamification presents. It provides us with richer data and an improved experience for the participant. So what stops us doing it? Read more →

Social Psychology - Investigating Prejudice and Stereotypes

Prejudice, discrimination and stereotypes are a large part of social psychology. In doing research into these fascinating topics I came across, via Trendwatching.com, the following insightful video (first published on YouTube 1st Jun 2016) from global travel search site momondo. Read more →

Experienced roaming market research and consumer behaviour insight specialist, available for my next challenge. Let's work together, get in touch now! Read more →

What Job Descriptions Say vs. What They Mean

These days when job-hunting, especially if you're a seasoned pro like I am, reading through job descriptions (JD) can be stressful and discouraging. I don't know about you, but I often come across job descriptions that sounds something like this ... Read more →

Introduction to UX Activities and Process [Presentation]

In order to understand the importance of research in User Experience (UX), it's essential to be familiar with the overall process of UX design. The following presentation slides (and resources at the end of this post) give a concise and interactive overview of the UX process along with some great online resources. Read more →