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[Reblog -] The end of ego: why brands should embrace the expert economy

"Earlier this year, former justice secretary and Brexit campaigner Michael Gove opined: "I think people in this country have had enough of experts." While it is tempting to dismiss these comments as symptomatic of the hyperbole that swept the UK in the midst of the referendum campaign, and although Gove’s political career has since ground to a standstill, the significance of his words remains. 

In our social-media-driven landscape, where complex arguments are routinely condensed into 140 characters, and youth is taken as shorthand for digital expertise, marketers must urgently reappraise the importance of creating an environment that not only supports, but also develops, meaningful authority.

Gove’s comments did not appear in a vacuum. In fact, dismissing the role of experts both in business and society has fast become a shortcut to discrediting facts or opinions that contradict pre-existing beliefs or plans. Certainly, the marketing industry is awash with metrics, brand positions and flimsy research strategies that have been applied retrospectively to justify current business positions, rather than challenge or disrupt existing thinking.

David Pearl, business innovator and founder of social enterprise Street Wisdom, says that, at a time when information is cheap and meaning is up for grabs, expertise is wisdom ..."

Read the rest of this interesting article at The end of ego: why brands should embrace the expert economy.


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