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Welcome From Ola Fagbohun, The

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Insight: Perception, discernment, understanding, intelligence, wisdom

Diva: Outstanding and passionate

Insight Diva: Ola Fagbohun.

The aim of marketing is to know and understand the customer so well the product or service fits him [or her] and sells itself. ~ Peter Drucker

Welcome to my blog, where I share my interest in all things consumer psychology, ethnography, customer behaviour, experience and insight, as well as some of my experience working as a freelancer in the world of marketing research and consumer behaviour insight.

Also I use this platform for blatant self promotion and to tout for work. My plan is to interest you enough so you get in touch, then I can convince you to work with me.

What I Do (Interim / Consultancy):

  • Market and social research project management using diverse qualitative and quantitative methodologies
  • Customer behaviour insight (non-technical) and behaviour change insight project management 
  • Customer experience insight project management
  • User and service design planning and research
  • Desk research for business planning
  • Marketing and business teaching and workshops

Where Do I Work?

I can work from my office, or your location; for a few hours, or many months. I am truly flexible.

Contact me for a to find out how I can become an asset to your organisation, and / or project.

 And yes... I'm as colourful in life as this blog.


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