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[Reblog -] The end of ego: why brands should embrace the expert economy

"Earlier this year, former justice secretary and Brexit campaigner Michael Gove opined: "I think people in this country have had... Read more →

New Marks & Spencer boss Steve Rowe used his first formal set of results to lay out a five point strategy that he hopes will revive the brand by appealing to ‘Mrs M&S’ but also to those customers that shop infrequently at its stores. Read more →

Research by S Singh by Satyendra Singh shows that it only takes a customer 90 seconds to form an opinion about a product, and up to 90% of that impression is based on the color of that product alone. Read more →

Quick read: The Feminine Plural [Added Value]

The 2015 woman has a long way to go in her reinvention of models of femininity, which means plenty more riddles for advertisers and brand marketers as females of the world continue to redefine the traditional definitions of femininity. Read more →

The African Consumer is becoming a Powerhouse: Here’s Why

In previous posts I’ve shared with you summaries of some interesting reports that have ‘schooled’ me on what has been and is going on marketing-wise in Africa, but for finger on the pulse you can’t do any better than Trendwatching. Read more →

Accenture Identifies Five Key Sub-Saharan African Consumer Segments

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been looking at the findings of a McKinsey report into the growing business opportunity in Africa. This week I’d like to delve a little deeper and look at the individual consumer segments on the continent. Read more →

Summary of McKinsey & Co Report: The Rise of the African Consumer (2012): Part 3

This, the final instalment, of my report summary I’ll focus on the actions organisations can take in order to effectively market to the continent’s fast-growing and demanding population. Read more →