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Few industries can boast similar double-digit growth and expect the same in 2012! In fact, experts say by end 2012 there will be more mobile phones in circulation than people on this planet… Read more →

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An online article by Joe Pulizzi titled '15 tips for effective presentation and public speaking.' The article is easy to read and makes a lot of sense, so I'd thought I would share some of it with you, particularly ... Read more →

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So what, if daily, I go through my emails, deleting those read and no longer needed, filing away the rest by subject, placing documents for later reading in colour coded see-through plastic folders, and with the naunce of an interior designer ... Read more →

It's not enough these days to reguigiate the wisdom and theory found in textbooks, nowadays, one has to trawl the internet looking for credible sources of information that can bring lessons to life. Read more →