Social Psychology - Investigating Prejudice and Stereotypes

Prejudice, discrimination and stereotypes are a large part of social psychology. In doing research into these fascinating topics I came across, via, the following insightful video (first published on YouTube 1st Jun 2016) from global travel search site momondo. Read more →

'We are witnessing a once-in-a-century shift from a product era to the dawn of a global subscription economy. The way consumers like to consume goods and services has changed dramatically..." Read more →

New research suggests it’s possible to detect when our brain is making a decision and nudge it to make the healthier choice. Read more →

Psychological principles – concerning behaviour, attitudes, aspirations and motivations – can help brands understand how their logos or packaging make consumers react. All visuals create a pattern of attention, which is why it is so important for brands to give designs a clear focus, as humans have limited attention spans. Read more →

As neuromarketing research matures, it likely will generate more shifts in how marketers think. As with any new science, though, its claims need to be tested rigorously and skeptically. Read more →

Research by S Singh by Satyendra Singh shows that it only takes a customer 90 seconds to form an opinion about a product, and up to 90% of that impression is based on the color of that product alone. Read more →

It takes just one-tenth of a second for our brains to begin to recognize emotions conveyed by vocal sounds—no matter if the sounds are growls of anger, peals of laughter, or cries of sadness. Read more →